Sezen Coskun Sezen Coşkun Sezen Tatlıcı Sezen Tatlici
Sezen Coskun Sezen Coşkun Sezen Tatlıcı Sezen Tatlici

My profile:

:: Extensive experience in marketing, media, and campain management. Successfully designing creative concepts with a specific focus on identifying the essential aspects of a problem and developing creative and innovative solutions.

:: Starting, managing and representing an NGO on diversity in the German society with deep intercultural competencies. Successful fundraising and executing of projects in the political environment of Germany.

:: Strong organizational skills, highly analytical and result-oriented, well versed and fluent communicator with proven public speaking skills and international experience.

What makes my heart pound:

1 - Emotions

:: Motivating people (for their self-development) through emotions


2 - Progress

:: Moving things forward fast


3 - Authenticity

:: Honesty, gratitude, open-mindedness, humbleness, cultural awareness


4 - Respect for the creation of God

:: Sustainability

:: Respect for your own self/body (food, sports, mind, meditation)

:: Appreciation of others (empathy)

Best ways to get in touch right now! :)

email: welcome [at]